Crises are the growing pains of life

Crises are as inevitable as aging in a person’s life. For alone the development of man over the life phases from birth, childhood, youth, adolescence, mature adult life up to old age and death demands of him or her to change again and again. In order to meet the challenges and possibilities of the new phase, it is time and time again necessary to leave an old self-understanding behind and find a new one.

Transitions are unstable, the helping rituals forgotten

If the old self is no longer fully in force, but the new one has not yet completely replaced it – this transition is always an unstable state, a crisis. Throughout time there have always been rituals for these life transitions, which have facilitated the change of the individual through the ritual assistance of the community. But among us today these rituals have been largely forgotten, and the remaining ones have lost their power. So today many people remain much too long in the unstable states. They suffer from the lack of self-assurance that characterizes these transitional times.

There has never been a time of greater upheaval

But we have not just forgotten how to cope with natural life crises. In addition, we are living in a time of increasing external upheaval. All important life-sustaining systems of society are threatened by crises. A clean environment, healthy food, secure income, a secure pension, availability of health care, social peace – more and more people are worried about whether these livelihoods will continue to be secured into the future.

Our development is inhibited

The fear of this external destabilisation is growing rapidly. And this fear and the accompanying seriousness paralyze us. It prevents us from taking steps towards our own development and finally taking on more responsibility. It can trigger or exacerbate internal crises because external support is absent.

Everyone can find within himself the guidance and strength he needs

The tenacity we need to master these challenges we can only find within. The reachable goal is living a life that rests on secure inner foundations. Many positive examples of people who achieved this show us it is possible.

  • A Life Coach helps you to find, build up and use your own inner foundations: your values, your strengths, your authentic self.
  • Also by eliminating disorder, dissatisfaction and uncertainty in our lives, we can come to inner strength. Coaching supports you here also.
  • By reflecting on where we are at in life, what life transitions we have mastered, which are pending, and which perhaps still remain unconscious, we find our inner basis and stability.
  • Coaching thus can help to resolve unresolved life crises, and to master unsettled transitions.

This gives us a growing inner security, through which we gain the ability to learn to accept the external change. We find a life grounded in lightness and happiness, as it corresponds to our true nature.

“A crisis is a productive state. One must simply remove its air of catastrophe.” – Max Frisch