From Profession to Vocation

  • Develop visions and find your calling.
  • Give room to your own vision of life.
  • Successfully go your own way.

Your soul is incorruptible

Many people go to work and engage there for purposes and values that do not align with their own. What they do there, they do because others expect it, but not because they truly want it out of their own motivation. They work to make money and satisfy their need for security. However, somewhere in them lives the knowledge that they were created for Something Else. As a result of ignoring or suppressing this innate knowledge, demotivation and internal suffering develop, which can also express itself in disease.

Mission Possible!

At the same time, there are also some who succeed in living a different (work) life. They powerfully go their Own Way. For them, work is vocation. Something that they commit to and execute with love and devotion that brings success and fulfilment into their lives. How did they achieve this? What it takes is the courage to face the core questions of life: Who do I really want to be? What shall be the essence of life for me?

Anyone who swims with the current is going downhill

Our society is good at making us a functioning member, but the core questions of life are not asked anymore. On the contrary, by pressuring us to adapt to the mainstream it distracts us from these core questions. Diametrically opposed to this is the approach of indigenous cultures. There has been and still is the search for Vision: An elemental tool for personality development that helps people to receive a meaningful perspective for their lives.

Finding your life’s purpose

The good news is: If you want to find your life vision, you can also find support in our culture. In my approach to Life Coaching, I not only apply modern psychology, but I also integrate what is helpful from the wise traditions of the Ancients. In this way, Life Coaching sessions with me can awaken you to Your Vision and help you to make no more lazy compromises, to listen to your heart, and to open yourself up to a new perspective.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Gustav Jung