Recycling of feelings: transform negative into positive

Feelings can inspire us or pull us down and make it difficult to live our everyday lives. As much as we welcome the positive feelings, we like to avoid the negative ones. Almost everyone is familiar with:

  • Anxiety, phobias and helplessness
  • Anger, aggravation and shame
  • Depression, burn-out and loneliness

Fighting against emotions increases suffering

Despite of all attempts to fight and suppress negative emotions, or to distract oneself, one is often helpless against them. There is also the fear that it might get worse. Suppressing or ignoring undesirable emotions only results in them returning stronger or even making us sick.

When we first saw them in the body “only” in the form of tightness, pressure, tension, or heart palpitations, by swallowing them down they may completely switch to the body level and express themselves as diseases.

Instead of moving it deeper inside, it is better to release the emotional energy

It is possible to actively change any unpleasant emotion we are suffering from. For emotions are basically only a form of energy that wants to set us in motion. This is still recognizable in the term emotions, as motio is Latin for movement.

As released energies, they can be used for positive changes in our experience of life. This is their original purpose. Thus, with their help, we can create peace, health, joy and harmony in our lives and in our bodies. We can also use them as development impulses and thus bring about positive changes in our lives.

Using emotional energy for self-realization, self-expression and power of action.

A Life Coaching session with me offers you the opportunity to achieve this transformation from the negative to the positive. This is what it takes:

  1. First of all, to understand where these energies come from and what their deeper meaning is.
  2. In this new light, you will obtain a completely new attitude towards these energies.
  3. In what has previously been seen as negative, you are then able to recognize the positive intention and feel, accept and even love this source within you in a supporting way.
  4. Finally you will be able to sense the purely energetic component even in negatively connoted energies such as aggravation and anger, and to redirect these into more constructive expressions.

Every energy wants to flow. It wants to at last be liberated, so that it can flow into your personal self-realization, your self-expression and your power of action.