Everyone has a unique personal combination of strengths. But only very few of us are aware of our true talents. This unconsciousness that most of us live, means that we either do not use our strengths, or if we do, only by chance. The difficulty is that even though they define so much who we truly are, our strengths are so close to us, that it is extremely difficult for us to recognize them. And if we do not know our strengths, then we cannot use them optimally to help us realise our full potential.

Our biggest challenge is therefore to recognize our own uniqueness! For although our uniqueness is deeply natural to us: knowing it and the right way to use it is not. Thankfully, modern Strengths Psychology provides great tools that provide us the chance to discover our uniqueness. Using these tools, a Strengths-oriented Career and Life Coaching (or short “Strength Coaching”) is a smart way to better understand, own, and use, the unique combination of talents that make you special.

In which situations is strength coaching particularly helpful?